Rapid Japan Entry Distributor

Selecting the Right Market Entry Strategy for Japan

Market Entry Strategy for Startup companies

ECSP recommends the appointment of ECSP as your Distributor. We will help with product localization, market aggressively acting as if we are an extension of your company.

ECSP can also act as your sales representative. If your company has a plan to enter the market with a direct presence at some time in the future ECSP can speed up this process. Once ECSP has created a sales channel and initial base of customers, ECSP to hire local staff and create the subsidiary.

Market Entry Strategy for Large Firms.

ECSP recommends that large clients sign up multiple Resellers, and hire a small sales and technical team to manage the Resellers, perform demand creation, and provide technical support in Japan. Demand creation is essential for success. There are over 165 Japanese integrators whose revenues exceed $100M. The majority are subsidiaries of large manufacturers or financial institutions. These companies tend to be reactive, and not invest in significant marketing. However, a small group selling in tandem with local partners can leverage the customer contacts and technical resources of its large partners.

ECSP can perform all these functions and hand over the organization as a working subsidiary at the appropriate time.

Market Entry Strategy for Service Firms

In the case of service companies, there are various partnering scenarios. To fully localize and replicate the Western company's service offering, a partner willing to commit significant staffing, infrastructure, and market development funding is recommended. If the service can be delivered remotely, a pure sales agency relationship will suffice. ECSP can find the best people for the task and create an operating subsidiary.

In summary

There is no single best way to enter the Japanese market. ECSP will work with you to establish the best way for your company. Sometimes this involves a market entry strategy, followed by a market expansion strategy. 

The key advantage of working with ECSP is that we can migrate your strategy over time. Start with ECSP as your Distributor, move to a small team, which takes over the sales, marketing and support, from there form a wholly owned subsidiary.

Let's talk and work out what is best for your company.

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